Textbook German-Kurdish

  • ISBN: 978-3-932574-39-9
  • Autor: Feryad Fazil Omar
  • Preis: 49,90 €
  • Sprachen: Central Kurdish (Soranî), German
  • Auflage: 6th, revised edition, 656 p.




This newly revised 6th edition of the German-Kurdish textbook aims both at native Kurdish speakers who want to learn German and at Germans who want to learn Central Kurdish (Soranî). Suitable for both beginners and advanced learners, they can start at any point in the textbook, since the chapters do not build on each other. After successfully working through the individual chapters, learners will be able to express themselves in everyday situations with confidence.




The textbook is divided into six sections. First, the German alphabet is introduced, and the pronunciation of German is clarified through the Kurdish alphabet. Central to this is the section Dialoge, which covers a wide range of different thematic areas that introduce the language of everyday life. It contains 56 chapters – from Familie and Beim Arzt to Politik – each of which includes a dialogue, example sentences, and an alphabetical dictionary of words. Each of these chapters is a self-contained unit. Also extensive is the Grammatik: it introduces the parts of speech, inflectional forms, and sentence structure of German. The Grammatik is primarily illustrated with examples, i.e., rules are explained only where it is essential for understanding. In this 6th revised edition, the grammar has been redesigned and expanded. The gaps that had appeared have been filled in. Finally, the section Lesetexte provides insight into social, cultural, political, and economic life in Germany. The Sprichwörter and Literatur und Musik sections round out the cultural side by introducing well-known German idioms, literary figures, and composers.


In this 6th revised edition, only the modified original Arabic script of Soranî has been used, without additional Latin script, as was still present in the old 4th edition.