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"menschen RECHT HABEN", Entwicklungspolitische Tage 31.10. – 12.11.2009 in Greifswald



Education & Language – violated human rights (in German)

Reflections at the example of the Kurdish people

All over the world people are oppressed because of their ethnicity, despite legal protection of minorities. Notable examples are the human rights violations against the Kurdish populations in Turkey, Syria and Iran.

What happens to the cognition of a people whom are forbidden to speak their own language, to celebrate their own festivals and to write their own story and history? What impact does this project on to the education and thus on language? The presentation will bridge the connections between human rights and the Kurdish language education. What impact does this have on education and language?

The presentation will draw the connection between human rights violations and the Kurdish language and education.

Feryad Fazil Omar is the president of the Institute for Kurdish Studies e.V. in Berlin and a lecturer of Kurdish language, literature and history at Freie Universität Berlin. As a linguist he finds a scientific approach, and as Kurdish poet a personal approach to the subject.

(see "Wenn man seine Sprache nicht sprechen darf" - Studentisches Online-Portal der Uni Greifswald 2009)