German Grammar

  • Autor: Feryad Fazil Omar
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  • Sprachen: German, Central Kurdish (Soranî)
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Available as of winter 2020/21


German-Kurdish Grammar

The Institute of Kurdish Studies publishes the first Kurdish-language grammar of German. The publication is based on the grammatical chapters of our Textbook German-Kurdish, which were entirely revised and substantially expanded for this purpose.

All explanations are found in German as well as Central Kurdish/Soranî in Arabo-Kurdish script, as Central Kurdish is traditionally transmitted in Arabo-Kurdish script only. The thousands of example words and sentences, however, have additionally been given in Central Kurdish/Soranî in Latin-Kurdish script.

The grammar comprises the fields of phonology, morphology, syntax, and lexis. It begins by illustrating the alphabet and pronunciation, followed by the forms of articles, nouns, and pronouns. This latter section, which is often very difficult for learners of German, has been supplemented particularly thoroughly. The negation and verbs are also presented in great detail. Other chapters treat adjectives, adverbs, numerals, prepositions, and conjunctions, as well as word formation and sentence structure. The book is completed by a comprehensive list of irregular verbs, an index, and a glossary German-Kurdish/Kurdish-German of all the words used in the grammar.

The German-Kurdish Grammar is intended, first of all, for Kurds and students of German who have acquired a basic knowledge and who now want to develop a systematic understanding of the grammatical rules of the German language. The publication also serves as a reference book for correct usage. It seeks to help the young generation of Kurds in the German-speaking countries to use their proficiency in German also to better understand and learn their Kurdish mother tongue.

Due to its consistently bilingual explanations, the German-Kurdish Grammar is moreover optimally suited for teachers of German who intend to work with Kurdish-speaking learners.

This marks the first time in the history of the Kurdish language that the grammar of a European language, namely German, is systematically presented in Kurdish.