Kurdish-German/German-Kurdish Pocket Dictionary (Central Kurdish/Soranî)

  • ISBN: 978-3-932574-22-1
  • Autor: Feryad Fazil Omar
  • Preis: 29,00 €
  • Sprachen: Central Kurdish (Soranî), German
  • Auflage: 1st ed., approximately 30 000 keywords, 720 p.


This user-friendly dictionary offers a practical introduction to the German language for native speakers of central Kurdish (Sorani) who want to acquire a basic vocabulary of cultural and administrative everyday life.

The book is divided into useful chapters and less extensive than the dictionaries used in the academic world. However, the vocabulary, although basic, is more extensive than in the mostly very concise phrase books and thus covers all areas of everyday and cultural life. Additionally the dictionary contains chapters with helpful sentences for the search for accommodation, consulting a doctor or the first encounter with the German administrative authorities.

Therefore this dictionary is very useful when coping with everyday life in Germany and supports the learning of simple conversations. This makes it easier for the learner of the German language to participate in cultural life in Germany.