Kurdish Grammar (Central Kurdish/Soranî)

  • ISBN: 978-3-932574-13-9
  • Autor: Feryad Fazil Omar
  • Preis: 39,90 €
  • Sprachen: German
  • Auflage: 1st edition, 2021



The book is a German-language grammar of Central Kurdish/Soranî.

It begins with an introduction to the modified Kurdo-Arabic script and the pronunciation of Central Kurdish/Soranî. Then, the following chapters are treated at length: Noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, preposition, and – in particularly great detail and with many well-arranged tables – the verb. This is followed by chapters about numbers, syntax, and nominal word formation. The grammar closes with numerous conjugation tables, in which important verbs are exemplarily conjugated in all tenses and also in their negated forms. An alphabetical list of frequent verbs, whose usage is demonstrated by means of example sentences, as well as an index and a glossary complete the book.

The practical grammar is directed first and foremost to all those who concern themselves with Kurdish and have use for a compact grammar, especially students and pupils. In order to facilitate the use of the book in self-study, great importance has been attached to illustrating all presented rules with numerous example sentences. Coloured boxes help to memorise the formation of the individual forms quickly.

As in all publications of the Institute of Kurdish Studies, not only the modified Kurdo-Arabic script has been used, but also the Latin alphabet alongside, in order to reach the greatest possible audience of users.